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ICON+ has been leading the way with our Livestream Classes and Online Coaching. Study at home with peace of mind as you join Asia's #1 UCAT Preparation Center to push your score to new levels with our Online Group Courses, Personal Coaching and extensive Question Bank.

About ICON+
The leading UCAT Prep Specialist in Singapore.
UCAT Singapore is run by ICON+, an international education group that specializes in test preparation courses for university entrance exams like the SAT, BMAT, UCAT, ISAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

Our clients come to us because:

We have helped 30,000+ students
Our curriculum and teachers are MOE-approved
Our highly-trained and experienced instructors produce top scorers
Our well-equipped campus is minutes away from City Hall MRT
A Message From All Of Us At ICON+

In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce's advisory on the gradual resumption of businesses in phases after the end of Circuit Breaker measures, our centre will remain temporarily closed until further notice.

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Satisfied UCAT Client
The course was comprehensive and structured, and the instructor placed just the right amount of emphasis on the various sections of the test. With that, I could pinpoint my strength and weaknesses and work accordingly!
What is UCAT?

Since 23 January 2019, the UKCAT has been rebranded as UCAT, and is now used for domestic applicants in Australia and New Zealand for medicine, dentistry and clinical science degree programmes, as well as medicine and dentistry in the UK. The UCAT test has also replaced the UMAT from 2019.
  • A compulsory test for students applying for medicine or dentistry at many top UK universities.
  • A test of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making, and the Situational Judgment Test.
  • A two-hour, computer-based test administered around the world.
  • Offered between July – October, and registration begins in May.
  • UCAT results are only valid in the year of application.
  • UCAT scores ranges for the first four sections of the UCAT combined is 1200 (low) to 3600 (high). We are most proud that most of our UCAT students score 2800 to 3100!
UCAT Preparation Courses
ICON+ offers the following types of UCAT courses:

Online Preparation Course

This 1 month course supports independent learners, with a Customized Study Planner to guide you through the Video Tutorials and Strategy Guides to master each section at your own pace. With 610 Practice Questions and 4 Full-Length Mock Test with Solutions you can test your progress anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet and mobile. You will also receive access to a University Admissions Guide and Interview Strategy Guide to support your application.

Instructor-led Coaching

This UCAT course adds an intensive two-day class to the Online Course for students who prefer an efficient and systematic classroom programme. In just twelve hours over one weekend you will receive expert guidance on exclusive strategies and practice questions with timed drills, before working through any uncertainties in a Q&A session.

Available Resources
Flexible Make-upFlexible Make-up /
Review Classes
Full Library AccessFull Library
Advanced eLearningAdvanced
Admissions & Career GuidanceAdmissions &
Career Guidance

The practices that I received really helped me in my preparation journey. All in all, I attained a score of 3000 on my UCAT! Thank you, ICON+!! It was a wonderful learning experience!!!

Satisfied UCAT Client

The lessons were very flexible and there were always make-up and review options. There was also a lot of material for me to practice, which I found very useful, seeing that the UCAT is all about speed. To add, the instructors were all exceedingly nice and helpful! Thank you ICON+!

Satisfied UCAT and ISAT Client


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Shine in Your University Application
UCAT Singapore offers 2 types of consulting services:

Time-Based Consultation
Purchase any number of 1-hour blocks and use them for selected areas of your application, be it personal statement, essays, recommendation letters, CV and/or interview. Enjoy unparalled flexibility and value! This service is suitable for independent applicants who require assistance on focused areas of their application.

UK Med School Package
This service is suitable for applicants who require comprehensive support on all aspects of their application. We will guide you through the entire application cycle, from school selection to acceptance, for up to 4 med schools on UCAS. Flexible add-on options are available for those who also wish to apply to SG & Aus med schools.

Our admissions consultants have worked in admissions offices of top universities. They are highly experienced and have a proven track record of getting their clients into the school of their choice. We guarantee that your application will look a whole lot better!
RECENT ACCEPTANCES King's College London Queen Mary University of London University of Glasgow The University of Edinburgh
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